cun seyy!!!

malam.. takder buat apa godek sana godek sini... sekali terjumpa bekas yg amat menarik perhatian ku.... cun takkk?? (gambar dibawah)Development Drink Set, RM89

2 different colours : Orange and Green

Developmental growth The special mOmma gift sets are designed to follow the various stages of your baby’s growth and learning step by step, supplying a useful and complete product for weaning.Three stage levels Stage 1: 4m+, feeding bottle, round and ergonomic for your baby’s tiny handsStage 2: 6m+, non-spill and dual handle system can be fitted to the cup. Baby learns to grip the dualhandles Stage 3: 8m+, cup with straw and single handle system can be fitted to the cup. Baby starts drinking from the straw using the single handle. Gift Pack Easy drink comes in a modern and cool packaging which can be a nice gift idea.

heheh nmpk dlm FB laa ni.. penangan segala jenis... wakakak blum lagi diutuskan mau beli ker ta.. sbb dah nmpk cute sgt.. cam nak grab jerrr... oh.. dia nick name Love BabyKoala dalam fb tauu...

with love
liza ramli

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